Setting things up: Twitter done

I setup a twitter account @AnActionADay and was getting ready to put a page up on Facebook and had second thoughts.  Do I want to get a page going for it yet?  Maybe it would be better to start out feeding these updates into my personal facebook page and as this grows, open a facebook page.  I need 25 followers on facebook before I can reserve a name anyway so I’ll need a bit of a following to get it going.

Facebook can wait.  Enough to focus on getting an identity for the blog and twitter account.  I was surprised to actually get a relevant follower on twitter (or at least what looks like one) shortly after setting the account up, and before sending my first tweet!

Posted by Ken

Toastmaster, Woodworker, Craft Beer Enthusiast and dutiful supporter of three demanding house cats. I'm also an experienced Software Engineering Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology and Services industry. Skilled in Operating System Development, Unix, SPARC Servers, Wordpress and PHP.

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