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Big Inbox? Create a 4Ds Habit and Regain Control!

Have a big Inbox? How many messages do you have? How many are unread?

This is a situation where bigger is not better!

I have 1868 emails in my Inbox going back to Feb 2012, of which 360 are unread at this moment. And most of that is not spam! I’ve got some good spam filters running that do a pretty good job of controlling the noise that would otherwise overwhelm me.

I did have this at zero a few years ago! What happened and how do I regain control over my inbox?

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Origins of the Goethe quote


Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!


Goethe (Stieler 1828)

I originally published my learnings on this Goethe quote on a site my wife and I own that is intended to be more an outlet for our artistic endeavors which has gone a bit fallow lately. It feels appropriate to re-post the material here as it has greater relevancy to the theme I’m heading towards.

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Increase Your Signal to Noise Ratio

For a few years I’ve been pulling in the feed from Lifehacker and it was good.  I was finding ways to make myself more productive, interesting applications that helped me organize elements of my life, do things better, etc.  Times have changed though and there’s much less in the feed that I’m finding relevant or useful.  Spending the time scanning through a fair amount of noise to find a few relevant tidbits of good signal has become a poor value for me.  So I’ve dropped Lifehacker from my regular feeds.

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