Are You Stuck with Status Quo?

I joined toastmasters recently and last week one of the other club members gave an impassioned speech with her vision of the club’s future. In it, she asked us to challenge the status quo. She asked some other things too, but the one that has been reverberating in my head for the last week is to understand how I go about challenging the status quo.

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The Day I Didn’t Have a Heart Attack

Not long ago I woke in the middle of the night feeling, well, not right. I was having a hard time putting it into words and had never felt something quite like it. No specific pain, it felt like my body was throbbing, mostly centered in my torso but I could feel it everywhere. No shortness of breath, none of the signs that would normally be associated with a heart attack.

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Origins of the Goethe quote


[pullquote align=”right” cite=”Goethe”]Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it![/pullquote]Goethe (Stieler 1828)

I originally published my learnings on this Goethe quote on a site my wife and I own that is intended to be more an outlet for our artistic endeavors which has gone a bit fallow lately. It feels appropriate to re-post the material here as it has greater relevancy to the theme I’m heading towards.

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Implementing WordPress TinyMCE plugins for multisite configurations

Note: This discussion pertains to V3.* of WP using an older TinyMCE implementation.  Details might be different now.

WordPress Multi-site configurations often present some unique challenges for WordPress plugin authors.  One I just finished dealing with is how WordPress handles a WP plugin that is defining a TinyMCE editor plugin.  What follows is going to be very technical so read on if you want to learn more about writing TinyMCE editor plugins in a WordPress environment.

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Increase Your Signal to Noise Ratio

For a few years I’ve been pulling in the feed from Lifehacker and it was good.  I was finding ways to make myself more productive, interesting applications that helped me organize elements of my life, do things better, etc.  Times have changed though and there’s much less in the feed that I’m finding relevant or useful.  Spending the time scanning through a fair amount of noise to find a few relevant tidbits of good signal has become a poor value for me.  So I’ve dropped Lifehacker from my regular feeds.

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