Are you on track to finish your 2018 goals or resolutions?

What do you want to accomplish before 2018 is over?

Are you:

  • Procrastinating on an important personal goal?
  • Unsure what to do next to move a project forward?
  • Thinking about a big project and not sure where to start?
  • Struggling to build a new habit, or break a bad one?

I’ve struggled with these things myself. I know what it’s like to say this year will be different and it seems that each new year it’s same story played back in a loop. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can still finish 2018 strong, and make 2019 even better.

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Autocomplete Orders in WooCommerce 3.0

There’s more than one way to autocomplete orders in WooCommerce 3.0. If the products in an order are all virtual and downloadable, the order will be marked completed once payment is received. Any other order will be marked processing to indicate some manual work is needed on the part of the shop owner to complete the transaction. Most articles I found on this topic use an action hooked to woocommerce_thankyou or a filter on woocommerce_payment_complete_order_status. There is another way. A better way.

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When is good, good enough?

I’m a procrastinator and a recovering perfectionist. I have more un-started and unfinished projects than I’m able to readily count. A major contributor is my desire for perfection. It’s a fight to let go and accept that good is often enough. I can declare success and move on. Or I can get started with imperfect preparation.

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Big Inbox? Create a 4Ds Habit and Regain Control!

Have a big Inbox? How many messages do you have? How many are unread?

This is a situation where bigger is not better!

I have 1868 emails in my Inbox going back to Feb 2012, of which 360 are unread at this moment. And most of that is not spam! I’ve got some good spam filters running that do a pretty good job of controlling the noise that would otherwise overwhelm me.

I did have this at zero a few years ago! What happened and how do I regain control over my inbox?

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